Ever feel like there’s certain inboxes where your emails just go to die?

Well then get ready to shake a tail-feather,
‘cause Linkoln, featuring patented HTMAIL technology,
now lets your email bypass the wait of the inbox entirely!

Instead, your emails get immediate attention
as part of a real-time text, chat or DM.

Our fresh take… rather than sending out emails with a link inside to view the message in a browser.

It’s like a VIP Pass for your email!

Just send out the links instead!


On any platform
Wherever they want
No lost emails
No waiting game

They click. They read. You know.

We’re here to revolutionize email!

To begin delivering your email on any platform today, simply register your domain name below and Get Linkoln!


We’re here to revolutionize email. To begin delivering your email on any platform today, simply register your domain name below and Get Linkoln!

Linkoln is the world’s first communications platform built using patented HTMAIL technology.

HTMAIL offers the fastest and most reliable way on the planet to consistently get your email in front of people who know you, but don’t often check their inbox.

A practical alternative to traditional email inbox delivery, HTMAIL benefits both senders and recipients alike with a simple, unique and innovative method of trust-based communications.

Where personal messages are driven by links, viewable in a browser… and bypass the inbox entirely.

Linkoln Email and Short Linkoln, the two inaugural freemium services featured on the Linkoln platform, are both available today at no charge.

Linkoln Services

Linkoln Email

Linkoln Email

Send an email as a link instead.
Bypass the inbox.
Deliver straight to your people in real-time.
On any platform.
Be Seen.
Get Immediate Attention.

Short Linkoln

Short Linkoln

Use your personal domain to create trusted short links*

*Which are safe for sharing and fully compliant with latest A2P 10DLC text messaging anti-spam guidelines.

Linkoln Post

Linkoln Post

For you big senders out there!

Realize all the tremendous benefits of scale that come with distributing emails as links over traditional inbox message delivery.

Jump onboard Linkoln today with no setup fees. Just a small annual maintenance fee for each domain name you register on Linkoln. Registered domain names are used in conjunction with all Linkoln services to generate branded short links.

So What?

Be Noticed Fast

Don’t send another important email off to compete in somebody’s inbox Hunger Games.

Text, chat or DM ‘em a link instead and Get Immediate Attention!

Reach The Hard To Reach

Linkoln’s your golden ticket to deliver that timely email to someone right now who rarely, if ever, checks their inbox.

Get Better Reads

Know when your message is first being seen… as it’s actually being sent!

Know otherwise if it’s being actively disregarded.

Get Linkoln today and never again have to ask another fellow human being to go check their inbox.