Inbox Hero

Senders write a message in their email platform, and simply cc: Linkoln Email to generate a link to that message.

This link can then be sent to Recipients on a variety digital communications platforms, DM and text messaging, Slack, WhatsApp… whatever!

Recipients click on link to view the message in their browser, thereby bypassing the need to visit or sift through the inbox.

Unlike all other forms of direct messaging, Recipients actually decide to read messages before they are sent. Therefore they only get the messages they want. No junk. No spam. And no cluttered inbox.

Senders know exactly which messages are opened, which are not, and can choose to be alerted in real time.

Instant Visibility


When Senders distribute emails as links, their messages don’t get lost in the Recipient’s inbox amidst spam and clutter. Instead, links are both highly visible and instantly accessible directly from any SMS, DM, or digital communication platform. This approach works to ensure that your messages aren’t just sent, but actually seen.

Open Rates


Senders can build trust with their Recipients by sending links to messages that are familiar, easy to recognize and safe to open. This not only significantly increases open rates but also ensures that the message is received by the intended audience, without the risk of being marked as spam or phishing.

Measurable Engagement


Because Linkoln Emails transmit only as links are clicked, opens can be registered as messages are actually being sent. This method yields far fewer false positives and negatives than conventional inbox open reporting does, providing valuable insights into current Recipient engagement and allowing for better informed decisions on future communications.